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OOTD: Bon Jounen Kweyol St.Lucie - Happy Creole Day St.Lucia

Bonjour!!!! Hello all. Today, all round St. Lucia my home country my fellow St. Lucian's are celebrating Creole Day. A day when we speak the language and eat lots of our yummy national dishes. I so miss home on days like this. Well I thought I just had to throw an outfit together to show some love to my dear SLU. This is something similar to what I would wear back home to enjoy the day's celebrations. The fabric is similar to the fabric used in our national dress for national events as the name suggests. Enjoy :-) xxx

OOTD: He Says I Look Like Miss Money Penny

Hello All. So as some of you may have guessed, I am talking about the new Bond film "SkyFall". And yes my gorgeous other half (my Bond) said that I look like Miss Eve Money Penny. Hmmmm. What do you think? x

OOTD: Wispy Hair

Why Hello Lovely People. Yes!!! Please ignore my rude wispy fly away hair in those photos. I had no idea I looked that way till Aston took the photos. Oh well, it's the joys of natural hair and I do actually love it. This outfit was worn on a little coffee/Christmas shopping trip with my mother-in-law.  Have you started/finished your Christmas shopping as yet? Enjoy :-) x

OOTD: It's Mandatory

Hello there. So being in the health care profession there is always a point where a refresher is needed to keep updated with all the health care jargon. Well my day came a few weeks ago and this is what I wore. It is definitely getting colder here in the UK and of course that calls for getting cosy and comfy. Bring on the scarfs, jumpers, blazers, thermals, boots, beanies and lots more. Enjoy :-) x


OOTD: Rekindle The Fire

Hello everyone. Long time no blog, lol. Yesterday was Miss AfroDee xxx's first birthday and I can't believe that a year has come and gone so quickly. Yesterday I also met up with some family which I hadn't seen in 6 years and it was a great day. This is what I wore to our little meet up. Enjoy !!!