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Blogger Style Swap - Dionne & Diane

Yes it's my first Blogger Style Swap Collaboration with the lovely Diane from Dee-Vine Anonyme. I love the idea of a style swap which is basically choosing an outfit styled by your chosen blogger and reinvent it in your own way. I love the print of Diane's top and the simplicity of the rest of her outfit so I thought I would go ahead and jazz it up with  a printed top in the same colour scheme, a skirt and boots instead of trousers. Take a look at Diane's Outfit called Jolly-HERE and whilst you're at it take a look at here other posts as she has a great eye for style and making an outfit speak to you through colour combination, prints and making them look effortlessly chic.

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think and if you want to work with me on a Blogger Style Swap please don't hesitate to drop me an email - :-)

This is Diane's interpretation of one of my looks. Check it out HERE

OOTN: Spring Stripes


Trending Series - Spring Pastels - Pretty In Pink

Hello Again. Think Pink. Think Pretty in Pink. Think Sweet Pastel Pink. Oh bummer, why am I being so nice about pink. I don't really like pink and therefore I hadly have anything pink in my wardrobe. Having said that, fashionistas around the world are dubbing the colour pink as the new black, so guess I will indulge just this once. Will you? Enjoy :-)

Trending Series - Spring Pastels - Mellow Yellow

Hello Sunshine. Make it mellow. Make it yellow. The lighter the better. It's time to say goodbye to the winter gloom of snow, rain and lack of light to bring out some sunshine. Hopefully the sun does come out to brighten up the days, but in the meantime we could always bring some brightness to our wardrobes with the pastel shade of mellow yellow. Enjoy :-)

Trending Series - Spring Pastels - Minted

Well hello again. Springs approaching  so it's time to go MINTY fresh. Literally freshen up your wardrobe by adding something MINT. Another bang on trend colour in the pastel trend. Go green. Add some freshness to that dull winter wardrobe. Time to spring clean. Enjoy :-)

Trending Series - Spring Pastels - Just Peachy

Hello Everyone. Spring is on it's way and that's just peachy. Oh yes, just peachy as one of this seasons colours of choice in the Spring/Summer Pastel Trend. This has always been one of my favourite colours and hence that is why it is one of the colours in my wedding theme. Oh Thought I'd told you before but now you know. Wedding planning is on it's way and my colour scheme is Peach,Gold and Ivory. Anyway I will be wearing some peachy details for this Spring/Summer and I feel it is such a refreshing colour to work with. Love it. Enjoy :-).