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OOTD: Print Clash (Work Christmas Party)

Hello all. Oh how I love this outfit. I was debating as to what to wear for my work's Christmas Party and I got a little creative. The top half of this outfit is actually a playsuit which Mike bought me two years ago which I have only worn twice and I thought it needed more air play. Wearing it on it's own and even with tights didn't seem to cut the mustard so I decided to add the skirt, accessories and big hair to spice it up a bit. Yes, THE HAIR. I'm sure you have noticed in my last few posts that there is a bit of a change in the name of my blazing red streak. I am always changing my hair up so that's where my little moment of colour application came in and I love it. In this look I decided to blow dry, straighten and added flexi rods to acquire this big hair. I love it. Enjoy :-)

OOTD: Last Minute Dash


OOTD: Oh Yes It's Ladies Night

Hello my lovelies. So it's party season and yes I would love to dress up and go to as many as I can but with work and family life there are just a few that I am attending. Well it has already started with a sweet little dinner with some of my lovely lady friends. It was freezing that night and my choice of attire was not best suited for the weather outside but I liked it. We were not outside anyway so it didn't really matter. My hair was not shaped properly for the photos but hey ho the merry O. Enjoy :-) 

Competition: New Look's Shape Up For Our Christmas Party Blogger Competition

Hello Everyone. Yes I know what you may be saying "two competition entries back to back?" Well yes I love creating new looks and this is why I have chosen to enter the amazing competition brought to us by New Look. As the name suggests it is a competition based on styling the ideal  dress for your body shape. My Body shape - The Straight Up and Down. Yes that's me, flat chested and boyish/athletic figure. The dress chosen for the ensemble is called the Chi Chi Black Ruffle Peplum Prom Dress. Yes it's a mouthful but so delightful to the eye. In my opinion when styling my shape it is all a matter of creating the feminine shape which means adding curves. The ruffled peplum detail creates just enough of that feminine curve and there's no need to worry about the flat chest either, as the ruched, padded, exaggerated sweetheart neckline sorts that right out. Now one thing my friends and family will say is "Dionne loves colour" and yes I had to add some in ther…

Competition:Style A Next Shop Window - "It's A Family Affair"

Hello all. This post is something different and I am happy to share with you my entry for's Style A Next Shop Window Competition. In my opinion Christmas is all about family and this is what I would portray in My Next Shop Window Display - "It's A Family Affair" as the title states. If you like what you see then click the link below the photo to lead you straight to the item on the Next Website. Hope you like it. Enjoy :-)

The Mum

The Dad
The Son
The Daughter