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Family OOTN : Family Trending Swag, Lol

Hello all. So we went out as a family to a friends birthday meal and decided to share our outfits with you. Enjoy!!!

OOTD : That's Right

Hello Everyone. I went out for a sushi lunch with my friend Nic Yesterday and decided to dress a bit sporty. I have been loving the weather this weak as the sun was out in full force making it a bit like St.Lucian weather to me. I even got to wear just a vest with no cover up. I have also been waiting to wear this particular vest for a while now since I bought it, hence the title. Enjoy!!!

Yo Sushi Yumminess

Tag You're It : The 11 Question Tag

Hello everyone. I have been T-T-T-T-T-A-A-A-G-G-G-E-E-E-D-D-D-D By the fellow blogger (and St.Lucian I should add :-) beautiful JoJo from JoJo's Beauty Guide. It's the 11 Question Tag. Hope it tells you a little more about me. Enjoy!!!

You must post these rulesEach person must post 11 things about themselves on their blogAnswer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post and create 11new questions for the people you tagged to answerYou have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the postGo to their page and tell them you have linked him or herNo tag backsNo stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this" You legitimately have to tag 11 people
JoJo's Questions and My Answers

Q1. What is your favourite snack? Answer: I love fruit so i would have to say it would have to be a bowl of  firm sweet seedless grapes, or dried mango.
Q2. What is your favourite quote? Answer: "Never Say Never"
Q3. Who is you all time celeb…

Fitness : Cheeky Glimpse

Hello.Here are 2 cheeky videos which my boyfriend Mike decided to film whilst I was sweating it out with Davina McCall with her Super Body Workout. Hoping to get Davina Ultimate Target soon. Please ignore his uh sexy gestures, lol. Oh by the way for those who don't know, my middle name is Shakeena, as you will hear Mike call me. More of my fitness routine to come soon. Enjoy!!!

Thanks For Dropping In :-)
Love Miss AfroDee xxx

I Love Your Style : Viva Vintage

Hello All. Introducing my new series "I Love Your Style" In this series I will feature the ladies, gents and sweet kiddies (with their parents permission) whose outfits make me take a second look and go WOW I love that look. I am happy to start this series with these lovely ladies clad in their pristine vintage ensembles. I have not been brave enough to go full on vintage glam with my growing love for the look, but I am inspired by the lights of such ladies like Biggy, Mimi and Harps from House of Harps

Mother and Daughter - Biggy and Mimi

Fellow Blogger Harps -House of Harps

Through The Lens : London Forgotten

Hey there. I was trolling through my photos and came across these random photos which I took on our trip back from our recent trip to London trip to see Boyz II Men. Enjoy!!!