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Mini OOTD : Monochrome With A Hint Of Pink Bowler Goodness

Hello Everyone. I recently took a trip to London to see the amazing Boyz II Men and this is the outfit which I wore for the journey there. I was hoping to get some photos of the actual outfit which I wore on the night but I didn't really get to do so as we were a bit pressed with time. Hope you like my spin on my revamped Monochrome.

Lush Try Outs #1

Yallo!!!! I recently ventured into Lush after a break from constantly buying little treats of absolute yumminest that they offer. I will be a good girl this time round by indulging a little less. These are a few photos of my local Lush here in Norwich with a short review on two delicious items. Enjoy!!!

The Reviews

Next In Line.............R&B Hair Moisturiser & Caca Brun Henna

Thanks For Dropping In :-)
Miss AfroDee xxx

OOTD : Neutralite

Hello lovely people. These are just a few photos from today's shopping trip with my mother-in-law. It was meant to be for furniture, but there was not one piece of furniture bought, lol. I am loving my Fro in this one. Hope you enjoy!!!

Natural Hair Series : The Journey (Two Years Naturally Coily)

Hello My lovelies. As  promised here are  some photos of my Natural Hair Journey so far. Be prepared for lots of silly photos. I don't take myself to seriously so go on and laugh with me, lol. Patience, Perseverance an Confidence is key. I Love My Natural Coils :-) Enjoy!!!

THE BIG CHOP Literally. I got the scissors out and started chopping everything off and then the clippers came out after. I know I look greasy and spotty *side eye*)

Then Came The TWA - Teeny Weeny Afro

Then Came The Growth Spurts, Twists and Cornrows

There Were A Few Protective Styling Stages - Mainly Kinky Braids, Wigs and Yarn Braids

OOTD : That Frown

Hello. These are just a few photos of an outfit I wore on a shopping trip with a friend a few days ago. I do frown alot but this time it was all the sun's fault, lol. This post features my sweet doggy, Princess as well. Enjoy!!!